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Hawaiian Kids Learning About Money

Hey hey. Just because you hear that a child lives in the western world doesn't make them immune from financial illiteracy. Read more here on what's going on in Hawaii. Until next time,
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10 Ways To Stop The Spending Habit

Hello and good day to you. Without wasting too much time, here are my top 10 tips on spending less money and saving more on a daily basis:

Deliberately leave your purse at home or in the office when you pop out for lunch and you won't have any money to spend.Bring in leftovers from the previous days dinner for lunch.Own less belongings by decluttering, make do with the little you have knowing it's enough and know that you cannot replace the items that you've gotten rid of.Pay your children for doing chores so that indirectly you are saving money through them.If you hate the feel and smell of pennies/cents(as some people) do, throw them in a jar and take them to your bank to save them.

Investment is a COMPLETE Waste of TIME

Listen to my segment "Investment is a Complete Waste of Time" on Anchor

Don't Play Yourself

Listen to my segment "Don't Play Yourself💰💲" on Anchor.

It's Officially Open - Vote for Sawyerrs' House