Saturday, 24 December 2016

Love Hate Adverts On Blogs - Best Kept Secret

Do you just hate those adverts on blogs? Or do you just love them? Or are you not bothered either way?

Why do bloggers use adverts on their blogs? Do adverts distract you from the essence of the post?

The truth of the matter is that adverts are a necessary evil for all bloggers serious about making a few serious coins from blogging.

I am no different from other bloggers and I'm also NOT afraid to talk about this best kept secret.

I have to add that adding an advert aka...html aka...banner as easy it looks - especially if you are not a dab hand at these things.

Being the authentic and original Deborah that I am, I will be talking about some of the adverts displayed on here - starting with giffgaff.

Get a free giffgaff Sim

As my blog is all about spending better, saving bigger and investing with bravery, I must support companies that I identify with in some shape or form.

Disclaimer - I may support others even if they don't currently align with the content of my blog - however, there are options in the future for this to happen.

Not only do I actually subscribe to giffgaff as my mobile and internet service provider.....I'd had a enough with the other service provider who was ripping me off that it was worth me paying them off to get out of my contract.

I was so impressed with giffgaff that I ordered spare sim cards and used one of them to open an account for my teenage daughter - teenagers need sufficient mobile data to keep them alive. LOL.

Feel free to use this link to order your supply of free sim cards to get you and your friends started on the journey to ending restricting contracts.

I now have a "no-term" service with giffgaff which I'm loving. I can say that I've never had such an amazing service in almost 20 years of owning a mobile phone and being a loyal customer of one service provider.

I have my goodybag as they call it - and it's on a recurring cycle to keep the same goodybag month after month...but the best part is when you receive this type of email from giffgaff only a month into signing up with them:

Hi there Deborah,
Here's a quick update on your current goodybag which is about to expire on 10/09/2016.

Your usage in the last 30 days

1.17GB of Unlimited
data usage
655 mins of Unlimited
minute usage

Save £5.00 a month:

We've checked your usage and we think you might like to consider changing goodybags to:
Buy Now
As you can tell I'm just loving giffgaff right now and that's why I have no problem advertising what they offer.

WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT FEATURED AD. Thanks for stopping by.

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