Thursday, 22 December 2016

Prototype Signature Money Literacy Roadmap For Kids

It is practically impossible to be a blogger  and not have some claim to being creative and a little mad at the same time.

It's amazing what we can all come up with on a day when our creative juices are flowing - and mine was overflowing when I got a lightbulb moment when I quickly scribbled down this idea on a piece of paper - but I could not longer remember was it was.

If you don't already know, my mission is to have money literacy embedded into the national education cirriculum system for school age kids.

As you know, Rome wasn't built in a day and we also know that little drops of water make a mighty ocean - so my big dream begins today.

Luckily enough, I'm blessed with 2 beautiful daughters who I've nicknamed Pride and Joy. They both helped me to brainstorm the acronym B.N.W.B.S.I - Bring Nice Wellies But Stay Indoors.

B.N.W.B.S.I will be the foundation to the signature roadmap for kids to learn about money literacy.

I'm dreaming big and it feels good.

If I may just add that aside from my daughters helping me to brainstorm things, I have managed to give it a test run with a group of 18 children in a local youth club - the kids who were between the ages 8 and 10 years olds, unfortunately LOVED IT - lol.

I'm not one of those ladies who is shy or has a chip on her shoulder and cannot accept criticism. So, I'm asking for your unbiased feedback on what I discussed in the video.

Please leave any comments, suggestions and questions in the comment section. Alternatively, you can send me an email to

I will still proceed with this mission of mine even if I do not get back a single response.

Did you miss part 2 of the money tips? Here's the link to help you save looking for it money tips part 2.

Thanks for your support.

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