Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Incremental Forward And Reverse Savings | Let's Start Small And ...

Hello and welcome to another post where I share simple and clever ways to save money.

I bet you've never come across anyone who would tell you to grab an old container laying around to use it as your saving pot. That's right, grab whatever you can get your hands and let's not waste time.

I definitely know that you haven't come across a money expert like me who tells you to scribble something as important as savings on an disused empty envelope. There's no time to be wasting waiting for you to go to Dollar Tree for a notebook.

Well, as you know, I keep savings simple. In fact, I generally keep most things in my life simple.

Life is so simple, it's idiots who complicate it.

Why not take the idea that I share in this video and make weekly automated payments instead? Alternatively, book your initial one-on-one with Deborah so we can work together on getting your money in order.

I hope that you enjoyed this video and please do come back for more. Remember, before you start any savings plan, you also nee  a simple budget.

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