Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Startup DON'Ts And DOs For Your Startup Business

Hello readers and a warm welcome to another succinct post on the subject matter of the Dont's and Do's of your startup.

I am not professing to be a startup guru...well not yet, but the huge amount of lessons that I have learnt in my business in a short space of time has been useful to my business - so much so that I want to share these experiences with you.

Newbies can always learn from other newbies. After all, gurus and experts were once newbies. It actually reminds me of when I see experienced drivers being so impatient on the road with learner drivers. Weren't we all once learner drivers? Didn't we hold on to dear life and feel out of control when we did our first reversing round the corner?

Anyway, I digress a little. My apologies.

I hope you enjoy this video and if you do, please leave a comment below or if you have any questions to ask me, please also do so in the comment section below.

One final word that I'd like to leave you with today is that if starting up your business terrifies you, I want to encourage you to read Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. Please let me know what you thought of the first few chapters of the book.

Next to my highly recommended book is another incredible one that is so easy to read and put into practice. Do/Fly Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self are similar to TED Talk in the form of a book.

Until next time, stay savvy.

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