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Monday, 26 December 2016

ForGET Weight Watchers, JOIN Wealth Watchers

As the year is fasting approaching an end, so will many of you be contemplating joining some sort of health and fitness programme or the other - in order to fulfil that new years' resolution.

I'm not very good with new years' resolution as I simply change whatever it is that I'm not happy about whenever I choose to do so.

Why? Because it takes any pressure off of me and it stops friends and family pestering me if and when I happen to put a foot wrong.

Anyway, in this post, I want to encourage you to always think about your I strongly believe that Health = Wealth.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Last Minute Dot Com

Hello there, I am going to keep it very short in this post.

If you answer yes to one or more questions, then hang around for this post.

Did you forget to add one crucial name to your Christmas shopping gift list? Are you panicking about forgetting? 

Here's the answer. Give a gift of love instead of material items. Why? It cost nothing to give the gift of love and affection, it doesn't need to be wrapped up in some fancy paper and you don't need to travel any distance to give it - it dwells in you.

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