Welcome to Deborah's videos where I share all things money.

I will teach and you will be bound to learn so much about spending your money better, saving your money in a bigger way and investing your money with bravery.

The teachings on investment will include how to make more money, however, my number 1 goal is first teach you how to make the most of the money that you have before venturing into making more.

After all, if you cannot manage the little that you make right now, then, there is no point in trying to make more money. Right?

Above all things, you will learn about money literacy which is my number 1 vision statement.

Thank you visiting my page and I look forward to seeing you soon.

NB - You may notice that a lot of the videos start with a greeting of hello Facebook, hello Youtube or hello periscope. This is because I'm repurposing my content so that they benefit you - regardless of where the content was delivered.

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