Thursday 29 June 2017

5 Tips to Improving Your Credit Score

Credit Score Restoration

Hello as it's been a while. In todays' post, I have 5 simple tips on improving your credit score.

  1. Obtain, check and understand your credit report.
  2. Query your credit report for unusual transactions or accounts
  3. Settle or clear debts(new and longstanding).
  4. Avoid taking on new debt
  5. Regularly check your credit report but don't get obsessive about it
And as a bonus, I'll give you the most important tip which is the godfather of all tip:
  • Avoid DEFAULTING on your debts.
With this being said, I'd like to point out that restoring your credit score through some or all of the above DOES NOT prevent your creditor from reporting defaulted payments six years down the line(if you are a UK resident).
My post will be of no use to you without me giving you this link to get your credit report in a new and totally free way to get your credit report. The information in the link is as recent as this year.
I hope you enjoyed today post.


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