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One of the biggest achievements for Deborah in 2019 was being featured in Thrive Global, an online magazine owned by Arianna Huffington, the founder of The Huffington Post. In the same year, she was featured in Authority Magazine, a medium publication showcasing authorities in business.

Why not kickstart with this short article in Girls In Tech where Deborah talks about motherhood and entrepreneurship colliding. 

UK Money Blogger did a great job inviting Deborah to speak on Share Radio where she was interviewed by Sara Macham about how Sawyerrs' House started, how she manages three money related websites, how she knows so much about money literacy and much more. 

This is the most recent radio interview with Deborah at Phoenix FM 98.0FM or The interview covered discussions on everything from old skill money management, money literacy for kids and money and health.

Read this article where Deborah shares the hard lessons that she learnt about maxing out £5k credit card in one go.

How about getting a little sneak peek into how Deborah managed to escape the life of a 9-5 employee.

In this radio interview by Sonia Poleon of Colourful Radio, I talk about money literacy for kids, the impact of money in domestic violence relationships and much more.

Here are Deborahs' recommended financial books featured in an article. She also takes part in promoting Financial Literacy Month which takes place every April.

Why not listen to Deborahs' own podcast at Anchor FM.

Stay tuned for details of more interview from Deborah

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