Wednesday 30 October 2019

8 Simple Ways That Makes Gift-Buying and Party-Throwing A Breeze

Simple Ways That Makes Gift-Buying and Party-Throwing A Breeze
8 Simple Ways That Makes Gify-Buying A Breeze
  1. Purchase gifts in stages throughout the course of the year and well in advance of the gift-buying season.
  2. Join special schemes that focus on helping people to specifically save for holiday splurges.
  3. Only buy gifts for close families or friends.
  4. Ask friends and family who will be attending your party to bring with them a bottle or their favourite dish.
  5. Put that credit card away because the bright lights can be a temptation to overdo it.
  6. Bite the bullet and simply stop buying gifts altogether.
  7. Purchase brand new items from thrift stores at heavily discounted prices.
  8. Tell your friends and family that you are on a tight budget and that you do not wish to be in the red come the new year.
I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost. For more on money-saving tips, check out my top charting financial challenge post here.

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