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Saturday 15 February 2020



Say 'Yes' to all of these questions and I'll say no more!
  1. Do you use bottled water to shower?
  2. Do you use bottled water to cook?
  3. Do you use bottled water to brush your teeth?
  4. Do you use bottled water to wash your food?
  5. Or do you wash your hair with bottled water?
  6. Does your whole family use bottled water for all of these things?
  7. Do you wash your dirty clothes and dishes with bottled water?
  8. Is water man-made?
  9. Oh, before I forget to ask, do you drink tap water at restaurants?

You get my drift.

Hello and welcome back. I've spoken on this topic sometime in the past. I think it was in my all female Facebook group. Anyway, let's break it down even further!

What has water got to do with financial literacy or education? A lot!
Sawyerrs' House
I'll simply put it this way. If bottled water is costing you an arm and a leg, drink what comes out of your tap. But why Deborah? Are you thinking to yourself right now, I just can't live without bottled water? Hear this, you are paying for water two times over. 

Here's a YouTube video I'd like you to watch. It's called Spendaholics. Scroll to 10 mins and to 15 mins where she gets round the issue.

Think about it. When you get your monthly paycheck after tax, you pay for your water bill out of it. Then, you dig into the rest of your pay packet and pay for bottled water.

What I am not saying is, 'don't buy bottled water'. This post isn't for you if you don't have access to clean drinking water.

What I am saying is this:

  • Tap water is just as treated as bottled water.
  • The plastic containers water are sold in are bad for our environment.
  • Just get a pretty glass bottle, fill it up with tap water. Keep it moving.
  • The Western world has free clean water. I hope we remember this.
  • Some developing nations don't have water at all - let alone dirty water. Please remember this.

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