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Saturday 15 February 2020



Say 'Yes' to all of these questions and I'll say no more!
  1. Do you use bottled water to shower?
  2. Do you use bottled water to cook?
  3. Do you use bottled water to brush your teeth?
  4. Do you use bottled water to wash your food?
  5. Or do you wash your hair with bottled water?
  6. Does your whole family use bottled water for all of these things?
  7. Do you wash your dirty clothes and dishes with bottled water?
  8. Is water man-made?
  9. Oh, before I forget to ask, do you drink tap water at restaurants?

You get my drift.

Hello and welcome back. I've spoken on this topic sometime in the past. I think it was in my all female Facebook group. Anyway, let's break it down even further!

What has water got to do with financial literacy or education? A lot!
Sawyerrs' House
I'll simply put it this way. If bottled water is costing you an arm and a leg, drink what comes out of your tap. But why Deborah? Are you thinking to yourself right now, I just can't live without bottled water? Hear this, you are paying for water two times over. 

Here's a YouTube video I'd like you to watch. It's called Spendaholics. Scroll to 10 mins and to 15 mins where she gets round the issue.

Think about it. When you get your monthly paycheck after tax, you pay for your water bill out of it. Then, you dig into the rest of your pay packet and pay for bottled water.

What I am not saying is, 'don't buy bottled water'. This post isn't for you if you don't have access to clean drinking water.

What I am saying is this:

  • Tap water is just as treated as bottled water.
  • The plastic containers water are sold in are bad for our environment.
  • Just get a pretty glass bottle, fill it up with tap water. Keep it moving.
  • The Western world has free clean water. I hope we remember this.
  • Some developing nations don't have water at all - let alone dirty water. Please remember this.

Thursday 20 December 2018

Why I Love What I Do

I am a Money Literacy Educator for kids of school age. This means that I educate children how to be money-smart - something that many of us as adults never learnt when we were young. 

I created my business best known as Sawyerrs' House following a very difficult time in my life whereby I noticed that my two young daughters were not being taught how to value money. I often refer to the birth of what I do as - From Pain To Gain.

Words cannot really explain how much I love what I do, but I will give it my best shot. First, I live, breath, eat, sleep and dream what I do. Yes, I am that passionate about impacting as many young peoples lives because I know firsthand the dangers of not being financially literate. I am never bored with what I do or ashamed of sharing with others what I do. 

I love what I do because there is never a time when I sit with young learners that I am not able to capture their attention and captivate them with my personal story of why I do what I do. I love to see the sheer excitement on their faces when I tell them the juicy parts of my story, only to drop a bombshell at the end. It's usually a rude awakening for them.

I love what I do because I notice that whenever I am educating young people(usually in the vicinity of their carers or parents), the adults typically eavesdrop on what I am teaching. As a result, the adults often get involve and ask so many questions for themselves. I find that very refreshing and an indication that adults also need this piece of education.

I love what I do because I started my business journey using my daughters as guinea pigs. Over time, I have seen an improvement in their attitude to money - mind you, my daughters haven't quite perfected it yet as financial literacy is lifelong learning.

I love what I do because very early on in my business and with the help of my daughters, I was able to put together a Money Literacy worksheet booklet and flashcards using a simple concept called Bring Nice Wellies But Stay Indoors. These six words represent the complete and basic money literacy terms for kids and adults alike.

Sunday 22 April 2018

Hawaiian Kids Learning About Money

Hawaiian Kids Learning About Money
Hey hey. Just because you hear that a child lives in the western world doesn't make them immune from financial illiteracy. Read more here on what's going on in Hawaii.
Until next time,
Much love,

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